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Faculty Development Programs: Latest Research and Innovations

14 May 2019 9:44 AM | NAMEC Staff (Administrator)

How can you measure the impact of a faculty development  program at your organization?

Important terms: Faculty; Faculty development program; Healthcare institutions; Medical and allied health faculty; Personal development

What is faculty development?

Faculty development is an organized, goal-directed process to achieve career progression and growth. Inherent in this process is the acquisition of skills that enable one to contribute in a meaningful way to the advancement of a field of interest, whether educational, operational, or scientific. The process requires attention to technical skills, personal attributes, and explicit goals. Supportive mentorship is optimal. This document outlines important concepts and identifies helpful resources for academic faculty members. [source]

Review a recently published research study:

The impact and effectiveness of faculty development program in fostering the faculty's knowledge, skills, and professional competence: A systematic review and meta-analysis.


Faculty vitality is the main ingredient to enhance professional education and competence. Enriching the faculty vitality in key domains of teaching, assessing, research, professionalism, and administration is perceived to improve educational environment significantly and enhances the academic performance of learners. Faculty development program (FDP) has been considered as a stand-alone educational pedagogy in fostering knowledge and professional skills of faculty. However, few studies have provided objective reports about the impact of such programs in a healthcare system.


This article reiterates the incorporation of FDPs in all healthcare institutions for improving the academic performance of faculty with resultant enrichment of learners' knowledge and skills.

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A second recent study on this topic:

Is faculty development critical to enhance teaching effectiveness?

Faculty development programs will meet the shortage of medical teachers and groom faculty for leadership roles to provide solutions for achieving better standards of health for the population. This paper provides information on and insights into faculty development that may be useful to medical schools in designing professional growth opportunities for their faculty.

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Additional information on enhancing faculty development:

  • AAFP's CME Faculty Resource Center - link
  • ACCME's Faculty Development List of Resources - link

View this video about Innovations in Faculty Development

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