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Elderly Veterans

17 Jul 2018 11:00 AM | NAMEC Staff (Administrator)

Elderly veterans represent a special group within the general population and appropriate and timely treatment is paramount for this unique population. The ability to gain access to immediate medical and mental health services has been at the forefront of discussion within recent years and with this came more focus on the type and quality of services that were being provided to this group. For the service to this country many veterans are given the opportunity to have healthcare services provided to them post discharge or after military service. There are several veterans administration within many states across the country that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of veterans. In particular, the mental health needs and ensuring that this is adequately addressed is important to this population given the potential to develop cognitive impairments or slowing with age progression. The addition of combat exposure with the aging process can contribute to cognitive decline so it is important for healthcare professionals to be aware of the hallmark signs and symptoms of this condition to manage in a timely manner. Elderly veterans represent an invaluable group of people and ensuring that they receive the best care possible regardless of the condition should be at the forefront of conversations.

Abimbola Farinde, PhD
Columbia Southern University

3416 Primm Lane
Birmingham, AL 35216
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